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autonomous cars.

the first car with automatic transmission, Hydra-Matic was promoted in the year of 1939. in 2020 autonomous cars is predicted to be standard equipment. next thing you know, we’re paying taxi fares to robots! just a thought.

can you survive the day being a beggar?

actually we all know the answer is yes. obviously. there are roughly 2-3 beggars in every traffic lights in Jakarta and most of them are alive and well until now (?) anyway, let’s do the math. let’s say they “work” from 9-5 layaknya orang kerja kantoran, so let’s say 9 hours. per red light, they get 3-4 times Rp.500,-. that’s Rp.2.000 per red light. so 8 hours / approximately 2 minutes of redlight = 240. now 240 x Rp.2.000 = Rp. 480.000,- per day. wow that’s actually a lot more than i thought. this isn’t exact and i might be wrong. again, it’s just a thought. what say you?


it’s hello! in Bashkir. if you actually realize, i deleted all my posts to start a new blog. ill be posting my thoughts, and only thoughts. i might be wrong; i might be really wrong. but who knows if they’re interesting enough for you to read. khau bulyghyz